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Our focus initially is to conduct a thorough history and physical exam including postural, structural, neurological (nerve function), orthopaedic and Chiropractic assessments. 


During this exam, we will look for the underlying cause of your problem.  These assessments are done without the use of any fancy non-medical thermal or structural scanning machines and are specific to your presenting problem.  


We are able to refer you for medical scans (X-rays , CT, MRI) if we professionally believe they need to be conducted.  Our clinic does not send everyone for x-rays, only if they are clinically needed.  We are then able to provide a thorough picture of your health for you, and where / why your problem has arisen.

Following on, we are then able to formulate a plan to help you gain long term solutions and enable you to function at your absolute best.


We understand that many people have experienced Chiropractic care before.  We are happy to help and liaise with past practitioners to ensure you experience continuity and consistency of past care. 


Furthermore, It is our strong belief that not one type of care fits all which is why our practitioners have completed vast extra study in many types of treatment from traditional chiropractic, low force (gentle care), paediatric chiropractic care, sports injuries, postural correction care and more.


We also offer longer appointments and are always here to listen to your concerns.  We are here to care for you and part of that caring process is to thoroughly listen to your problem and lend our helping hand. 


The last thing we want is for your care to feel “rushed” or for you to not be heard and we actively encourage our members to hold us to account in this area. 


Longer appointment times, excellent listening skills and adept physical care is how we like to care for you.


Following our care, people often mention that not only is their initial presenting problem resolved but they often experience other changes which the mention can be:

  • Better deeper Sleep

  • Higher energy

  • Sinus relief and Increased immunity to mention a few.

  • More relaxed


We do not set out to directly to treat these complaints this is merely an observation of what people have been reporting back to us from their care.

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