After completing a Bachelor in Human Movement and with an active sporting and work life, Dr Rohan Kapoor found the stress and strain on his body was causing a great degree of lower back pain. This lower back pain led him to visit various health practitioners which sparked an interest in Chiropractic care.

Rohan completed a five-year degree in Chiropractic at Murdoch University in Western Australia and has:

  • Worked in private practice in Perth and Melbourne

  • Completed an internship in Sports Science at the Victorian Institute of Sport and,

  • Has additional areas of clinical interest including headache, posture, sciatica, lower back disc problems and spinal sports care.

Rohan worked in private practice at Subiaco Chiropractic and then moved back to Victoria to be closer to family and friends. He started work at Balwyn Health Care and founded PerformanceOne in Kyneton.


Rohan has also completed a sports science internship at the Victorian Institute of sport and has worked with many high profile sporting groups and clubs.


He has a keen interest in passing on his postural knowledge to all patients, and providing the unwinding process of ABC and other Chiropractic and soft tissue techniques to make a difference in the postural health and well being of the community.

Dr Karli Newton has completed a 5 year double degree in Chiropractic at RMIT in Melbourne and has additional areas of interest in Nutrition and Pilates.


Karli comes from a strong family background in Chiropractic.  Both her sisters are Chiropractors in Wangaratta and she has been under Chiropractic care herself since she was a young child.


 The benefits she received from her care has led her into becoming a Chiropractor herself.  Karli has always wanted to help people to be as healthy as they can be and has found Chiropractic to be a great avenue for her to be able to do this.