Neck and Back Pain

Neck And Back Pain Treatments

Typical neck and back pain can arise from several different musculoskeletal structures which may include the joints of the spine, the discs that sit in between spinal vertebra, associated muscles and ligaments. At PerformanceOne Chiropractic we are no strangers to assessing and handling type of pain. We have treated hundreds of people in the Kyneton and Macedon Ranges region with great results. Due to the very many different causes of back pain it is very important to have an individual assessment in order to find clarity as to the source of your pain. This is because different conditions may respond better to certain treatment. You may need a combination of manipulation and soft tissue therapy for your pain source, combined with a tailored exercise program to give you long term relief. If you are unfortunate enough to suffer from back or neck pain don’t hesitate to email me (on the contacts page) or give the clinic a call for a free 10 minute phone call with myself to discuss and assess your problems.


Sciatica Treatment

Sciatica is often a debilitating pain that arises from irritation to the longest nerve in the body known as the sciatic nerve. Often people experiencing sciatic pain describe searing, burning, numb pain, or at times a deep tooth-ache type pain running in a specific pathway down their leg or legs.

Sometimes just within the buttocks, or at times into the back of the legs and even into the feet.

Here at PerformanceOne Chiropractic we can assess where the sciatic pain arises from – pressure from the lower back structures or tightness of muscles in close connection with the nerve itself. When left, Sciatica may become quite debilitating for some people and often sufferers of sciatica notice an increase in leg cramps, or at times find it difficult to walk without limping. It can also be a sign of some other more serious problems within the body. The good news is when Sciatica is diagnosed and assessed at PerformanceOne Chiropractic we can treat it with great success. If you have been told you are suffering from sciatica or have similar symptoms then email the clinic or give us a call for a free 10 minute call with Chiropractor Dr Rohan Kapoor to discuss and assess your issues.


Headache Treatment

In this stressful, more sedentary day and age headaches are one of the most common complaints from people visiting our clinic, and they range from headaches that arise as a result of tightness of neck and back structures, to stress, to postural deficits, to the more sinister types. It is our opinion that headaches arising from neck and upper back structures are becoming more prevalent because of our ever increasing sedentary lifestyle, along with our increased use of small mobile phones and ipads. At PerformanceOne Chiropractic we can assess the type of headache you may be suffering from and have had great success treating the people of Kyneton and surrounding areas with specific manual therapy including spinal manipulation/mobilisation, soft tissue therapy to ome of the neck and back specific postural education with an emphasis on exercises to strengthen neck and back musculature. The benefits to headache treatment can be life changing to people’s lives as headaches no matter how severe can be debilitating. If you are unfortunate enough to be a headache sufferer, give the clinic an email or call me at the clinic for a complementary 10 minute phone call so we can help to diagnose and assess your problems.

Vertigo and balance issues:

Vertigo and balance issues Treatment

It is often thought that Vertigo is a very sinister condition. It can be described as a sensation of the room spinning around you and can range from mild symptoms where people are still able to function on a daily basis, to a more severe description where people also experience nausea and vomiting along with several other debilitating symptoms. However, did you know that vertigo and balance issues can be caused by many different structures within in the body including due to middle ear problems, circulation issues and irritation to certain spinal segments. Whilst the symptoms can be severe there is often an underlying structural problem that can be contributing to them which we at PerformanceOne Chiropractic can identify and treat through a variety of treatment methods in order to get you back functioning at your balanced best. Often a small course of treatment tailored to your specific balance problems along with some specific exercises can get you up and going again so give Rohan and the team at PerformanceOne Chiropractic a buzz for a quick chat to assess your problems.

Sports Injuries

Sports Injuries Treatment

The general consensus is that Chiropractors are just experts on back and neck problems but did you know that many Chiropractors including here at PerformanceOne Chiropractic are also experts in treating sports injuries and people that suffer from limb pain. Being active and playing sport is a great way to counteract our ever increasing sedentary lifestyle. Sometimes however, no matter how diligent you are at doing a good warm up and cool down we still manage to injure ourselves. These injuries can range in severity and also in timeline from acute to chronic if left untreated for a while or if they seem to be re-injured often. Using a range of soft tissue techniques whilst adjusting the area to address any underlying problems we at PerformanceOne Chiropractic have gotten many a Kyneton sports person off the sidelines and back into their sport functioning at their best. Some of the sports injuries that respond really well to our treatment include:

  • Rotator Cuff injury or Swimmers Shoulder
  • Elbow and wrist injuries
  • Bursitis
  • Hamstring, thigh and calf strains
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Ankle sprains and more…
Spinal Disc Injury

Injury to the spinal discs can also be acute or chronic. The spinal discs act as shock absorbers within the spine and when excess pressure is applied to them they can bulge or herniated often causing severe pain. More chronic cases may be sue to a degenerative process where the discs lose their height and ability to deal with the certain shocks that we put our body through as we age. Literature and experience suggest that spinal disc problems respond well to a range of treatment and a tailored exercise program that is often aimed at improving muscle strength around supporting structures. If left untreated, disc injuries may be cause further problems often interfering with the spinal nervous system leading to numbness or weakness in the limbs. If you think you may be suffering from a disc problem or have been told you have suffered from one give us a call and organize a complementary chat with Rohan to assess your problem.

At PerformanceOne Chiropractic we have helped hundreds and hundreds of people for many different ailments. If you are unfortunate enough to be suffering from one of the problems listed above or any other problems including but not limiting TMJ or jaw problems, shoulder, elbow and arm pain, arthritic pain, foot, knee, hip pain and more please feel free to give us a call or email us from the Contact Page and we will endeavour to clarify your problem over the phone and do what we can to help you get back onto the path of recovery.

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